City of Koprivnica

City hall Koprivnica

City of Koprivnica

Koprivnica, situated in the very heart of Podravina, is proud of the high quality of living of its citizens. Innovation, creativity and economic development are just some of the aspects thanks to which Koprivnica proudly carries the title of a Smart City. Added value can be seen in the environmental awareness, which is the main driver of most significant city projects. Cultural facilities include museums, galleries and sights which offer the glimpse into the history and the cultural component of the city. Many events are organized in the city during the year, the most significant one being the Renaissance Festival, which was proclaimed as one of the TOP events. The economic importance is visible in the industrial development, led by one of the largest food companies in Croatia, Podravka.


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Zrinski trg 1, 48000 Koprivnica
+385 48 279 555

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