City of Koprivnica

Mišel Jakšić


Welcome to Koprivnica, a small city with high quality of life whose development is tailored to the needs of its citizens.

In the recent years, our mutual efforts have led our city, the capital of Podravina, to a status of  economic, educational, scientific and cultural center of the region. We will not stop here. On the contrary, every day we raise the bar of development and quality and implement numerous innovative projects that are often among the first ones of their kind in Croatia. You can see it for yourself on our webpages where you can find more information on everything we are doing to create a more pleasant and better city.

I thank my predecessors for their enormous efforts invested into development of Koprivnica. That’s why today we can say that we live in an urban, European city. Together with deputy mayor Melita Samoborec and with my City Administration team I will continue to work on its development. Making the life in Koprivnica better for all its citizens and also making it easier for entrepreneurs and artisans to do their business poses a great challenge. We posses the potential and I’m convinced that together we will succeed in achieving even greater progress.

Buildings and roads alone do not make a city, but people do. I will be happy to answer all your questions and accept well-meant criticism. Your suggestions, ideas, visions and suggestions are always welcome, and the doors of the City Administration are always open to all citizens.


at the Mayor's office and with
the Head of Departments


Zrinski trg 1, 48000 Koprivnica
+385 48 279 555

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