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Renaissance festival

Renaissance Festival revives remains of anti-Turkish fortress – Koprivnica Festung when there are walking ladies, peasants, kings, and you can hear rattle of swords of brave knights and musketeers. All this and more attractive contents will be demonstrated on International Renaissance Festival, the biggest historical event of the region. Renaissance Festival is the most attractive and most original tourist and historical event which brings together an increasing number of costumed participants every year.

The enjoyment is guaranteed in programs of knights from Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria and our Koprivnica musketeers and guards, Knights of Zelingrad, the Šibenik city guard, the Order of the Silver dragon, the Knights of Ružica-grad, Archery Club Koprivnica and many others. The knights are trying various siege devices and fight hand to hand to win Koprivnica fort.

At the Renaissance Festival fifty medieval crafts presents their long-forgotten skills. Blacksmith will diligently forge halberds, swords, maces to our military to resist the force that wants to conquer our Festung. The event offers a variety of new crafts and attractions regardless of the present recession. In addition to declare a free royal town of Koprivnica, Louis Anjou levy taxes of participants “Buy Croatian”.

This year the central theme of the event will be “Equestrian Knight Tournament” which will faithfully enact the Slovak group stuntman / professionals. It is a very attractive project that is seen on the historical spectacles across Europe where armored knights on horseback with long lances show various skills and techniques for handling the same and direct fight toe to toe with spectacular falls. The project will follow a huge infrastructure – two large ceremonial tents for horses; The transport of sandy substrates, insurance, public address system, protection, emergency assistance…

Renaissance Festival will continue with the trend of the ban on using plastic cutlery so that medieval life in four days of maintenance will be more authentic and more identical. It is not an easy task because we have to make tens of thousands of ceramic mugs with the logo of the event that any visitor will use by the catering services at the event and could get for a symbolic price. They will be able to keep the mug or a return it and request a refund. We will also re-establish a commission to visit of the exhibitors and warn them to their deficiencies (adequate lighting, plastic bags, plastic cutlery and drink, appropriate costumes and the like.)

To our events oldest space of the city was neglected and totally ignored (earthen ramparts and buildings Armed). In addition we have to cleaned up the most of the natural vegetation and weeds, we cleaned up and devastated ground armed. How would we have to convincingly portray the period in telling stories, we built a wooden palisade (walls and towers), set a wooden bridge at the site where they were in those days, and also have set up a temporary wooden structures for humans and animals. We staged the attack (day and night) on the fort which attracted and impressed many visitors.


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