City of Koprivnica

Legend of Jagnjedovec

Legend of Jagnjedovec is a legend which revives the resettlement of Jagnjedovec area and memories on the feast held on 26th April 1642 when the locals welcomed captain of Koprivnica who allowed them settlement. The manifestation will be on the 5th May Jagnjedovec (Koprivnica).

Jagnjedovec was first mentioned 1351 year. It was abandoned in the time of the Ottoman invasions. Again it was inhabited in 1642 by the Slavonians (Kajkavian Croatian population). Great captain of Koprivnica Ivan Vilim Galler in order to populate the area od Koprivnica captaincy, sent there captain Sigmund Iglla, duke Androk, (Ivan) Krupac and Radman (from Poganec). The boundaries of Jagnjedovec area were established then.


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