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Motives of Podravina in Koprivnica

Motives of Podravina

Motives of Podravina are one of the biggest cultural events in this part of Europe which includes extremely attractive and special contents: naive art fair, old crafts fair, folk art, antiques fair and cuisine of the area. In three days the event is visited by thousands of guests. Naive art fair – largest trade fair of naive art in the world. On the main square, three days lasts big selling exhibition of naive art on glass and sculpture in wood, and artists demonstrate their skills on the spot.

Old crafts – the biggest old crafts fair in Europe (over fifty craftsmen). Display of old crafts on central square and almost forgotten skills, brings back Koprivnica in some unique magic, long past time. Folklore – Folklore organizations in traditional costumes present the compound of songs, dances and customs of Podravina in an interactive way.

The gastronomic offer – dishes of Podravina are prepared primarily by local (organic) ingredients that are created as a result of hard work of farmers: smoked cheese, greaves, blood sausage, cooked ham, vineyard goulash, roasted duck and many others. At the event, many caterers present their specialties, but the dishes can also be enjoyed in beerhouse Kraluš in the city center. Numerous contents, unique not only in the Croatian context, attract thousands of visitors from Croatia and abroad in our city during the event.


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