City of Koprivnica


Project Boosting energy efficiency in Central European cities through smart energy management (acronym BOOSTEE-CE) is implemented under the Interreg Central Europe program.

Project Objective: Central Europe has great potential for implementing local and regional energy systems based on renewable energy production and energy conservation, but it is important to stimulate initiatives to improve energy efficiency. The project is focused on improving energy efficiency in public buildings, as they are often the big energy consumers.

BOOSTEE-CE project will enable public institutions to acquire and develop simple and useful tools and methodologies for energy management. By developing and implementing 3D Energy Management and Pilot Actions, the project will develop an innovative approach to energy auditing of public buildings.

Expected project outcome:

Development and implementation of solutions to increase energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources in public buildings

Main project beneficiary: Bruno Kessler Foundation

Project partners:

(Poland), Development Agency of the County of Tolna (Hungary), Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy), Velenje (Slovenia), Energy Agency of the Zlín Region (Czech Republic) (Poland), the City of Płońsk (Poland), the Zlín Region (Czech Republic), the City of Barcs (Hungary), the City of Koprivnica (Croatia), the City of Judenburg (Austria), the Upper Styria

Total project value: 2.279.485,52 EUR

 Budget of the City of Koprivnica: 130.989,70 EUR

 Project Implementation Period: 01.06.2017. – 31.05.2020.


at the Mayor's office and with
the Head of Departments


Zrinski trg 1, 48000 Koprivnica
+385 48 279 555

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