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Cycle in a network

Project “Development of a network of cycling paths and related services in the natural surroundings of rivers Mura and Drava” acronym Cycle in a network is financed by the European Union through the IPA Cross border Co-operation Programme Hungary-Croatia.


  • To create a network of infrastructure as a base for a complex attractive cycling tourism destination within the cross border area of the Mura-Drava river
  • To create the missing link among the existing shorter routes and other main routes in the area
  • To develop cycling-related services so as to increase visitors’ length of stay in the area
  • To develop a mountain bike circuit to offer a special segment of cycling to the visitors
  • To construct visitor center to encourage people to change to healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transport
  • To create a complex method of promoting the tourism destination to ensure visibility and sustainability of the unique border region

Project summary:

The project will draw in about 56 settlements including the partners from the Hungarian and the Croatian side of the cross-border area, therefore it will have perceptible effect on a large area of the whole HU-HR border region. As the Mura-Drava region is a unique area of untouched nature, the project will emphasize the preservation of its biodiversity and ecosystem by taking careful actions. The project is unique as it forms a network of activities on the theme of cycling, yet aims to provide different forms and levels of adventure to different target groups. The vision of the project is that cycling will mean a frequent free time activity and means of transport for locals and visitors alike, who will be responsible for their environment and have wide knowledge of the natural values of the surroundings of river Mura and Drava by providing a complex network of cycling related infrastructure and services.

Area of implementation: Sustainable tourism in Mura-Drava-Danube river area

Lead beneficiary: City of Nagykanizsa

List of partners: City of Koprivnica, TZMŽ Čakovec, Zalakaros

Location of the project implementation:

The location of project impact is the cross-border area of about 1400 sq km in the vicinity of the rivers Mura and Drava enclosed by Nagykanizsa, Zalakaros, Koprivnica and Čakovec.

Total project budget: 1.999.230,00 EUR

Project implementation period: 1.2.2013 – 30.9.2014


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