City of Koprivnica

DEPART project

Project Network for Democratic participation of Roma and traveler communities on municipality level – European and local challenges, with the acronym DEPART, carried out under the EU program “Europe for Citizens”.

DEPART project is focused on the issue of Roma integration in local communities. The project conducted workshops and events from a variety of aspects such as housing, education, social affairs, and employment.

The objective of the project: a fundamental element of this project is the integration of Roma. This project aims to contribute to the local level and the involvement of representatives of target groups, such as local authorities, civil society, and the Roma community. The project enables partners to debate, exchange experience and learn through examples of good practice.

The main activity of associated partners is an organization of conferences with the following topics: Education of Roma, Roma Health, Housing Roma, Labor market and employment of Roma, Democratic participation of Roma at the local level in Europe.

The project leader is the City of Graz (Austria)

Associated partners: City of Koprivnica, City of Maribor (Slovenia), City Kremnica (Slovakia), the City of Miercurea – Ciuc (Romania), Prato (Italy), the City of Pecs (Hungary).

Duration: January 2016 – December 2017.

Project costs of the City of Koprivnica cover the coordinator.


at the Mayor's office and with
the Head of Departments


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