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Knowledge as a gift

The project is being implemented within the European Social Fund and is aimed at developing a comprehensive support system in the education of gifted students.

The project’s goal is to contribute to systematic care and development of the potential of gifted pupils in accordance with their preferences, abilities and interests in elementary schools in Koprivnica’s area. The City of Koprivnica, in partnership with elementary schools, will strive to achieve a comprehensive support system in the education of gifted pupils by strengthening the capacity of educational institutions to provide systematic early identification and support for the development of gifted potentials in order to provide additional individualized specific forms of support to gifted students. The individualized specific forms of support will contribute to emotional and social development and to stimulate the intellectual advancement of gifted students.

Expected project results:

  • Greater competences of teachers and expert associates in elementary schools in working with gifted pupils
  • Developed and implemented individualized work programs and new methods and forms of monitoring and encouraging (potentially) gifted pupils
  • An improved support system in the education of gifted pupils

Main project beneficiary: City of Koprivnica

Project partners:

  • Elementary School “Đuro Ester”
  • Elementary school “Braća Radić”
  • Elementary School “Antun Nemčić Gostovinski”

Total project value: 996,454.83 kn

Grants: 773,425.94 kn

The amount of co-financing of the City of Koprivnica: 223.028,89 kn

Project implementation period: 28 July 2017. – 31 December 2018.


at the Mayor's office and with
the Head of Departments


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