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Prominent Med

Project Public pROcureMent of INnovation boosting GREEN growTh in the MED area (acronym PROMINENT MED) is implemented within the Interreg Mediterranean program. Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Project objective:

To improve innovation capacities and connections between public and private stakeholders involved in the Social Innovation sectora applying Public Procurement of Innovation to stimulate research and development of innovative technology systems and solutions in the field of energy efficiency.

Public Procurement (PPI) is a big challenge as the theme is entirely new in Croatia, but also in a large part of Europe. As part of the project budget, the City of Koprivnica has a budget of around 200,000 EUR for investment in an innovative solution in the field of energy-efficient materials in the building industry. Given that PPI has not yet done in Croatia, by implementing this investment, the city of Koprivnica will once again prove to be a city that regularly launches innovative processes and acquires new knowledge.

Public procurement innovation contributes to achieving the best value for public money as well as broader economic, environmental and social benefits in terms of developing new ideas and realizing these ideas in innovative products and services, promoting sustainable economic development and creating favorable conditions for the economic development of the of entrepreneurship.

Main project beneficiary: SVILUPPUMBRIA – Regional Agency for the Economic Development  of Umbria, Italy

Project partners: Municipality of Narni (Italy), City of Koprivnica (Croatia), Regional Energy Agency North (Croatia), Ribera Consortium (Spain), Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), CIMBAL (Portugal), IRRADIARE (Portugal), Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (France)

Associates: Association of Cities of the Republic of Croatia, Koprivnički Poduzetnik d.o.o. (Spain), P.U.M.A.S (Italy), Aeroneo (Portugal), Valencia Energy Cluster Industry (Spain), CONSELLERIA D’AGRICULTURE, MEDIAMBIENT, CONSELLERIA D’AGRICLTURA MEDI AMBIENT, CANVI CLIMÀTIC AND DESENVOLUPAMENT RURAL

Total project value: 2,697,049.00 € with 85% co-financing by the European Regional Development Fund.

Budget of the City of Koprivnica: 333.679,00 €

Budget of REA North: 142,704.00 €

Project implementation period: 1.11.2016 – 31.10.2019

Expected project results:

  • MED PPI Network creation: MED PPI Network involving research, SMEs clusters and public sector (quadruple helix) aims to stimulate innovation through PPI. The network, supported by a pool of international experts, provides services and guidance to the local authorities and SMEs clusters interested in PPI development
  • Unblocking Investments in green growth increasing SMEs business opportunities
  • Improving the efficiency and quality of public services


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