City of Koprivnica

The project “Social basket”

The project “Social basket” funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) the European Union through Human resources development program.

The purpose of the project:

Help the poorest citizens of Koprivnica through the social supermarket.

The overall objective of the project:

Is establishment of a partnership system to provide effective social services to the poorest citizens, and to provide assistance in the form of food and hygiene products through the opening of Social supermarket, but also the implementation of education for as many employees and volunteers, and thus strengthen the capacity of all partners involved in the project.

Target group:

Poor citizens of the city of Koprivnica

Project activities:

  • training for employees, members of NGOs and volunteers for support the implementation of social services
  • activate social supermarket
  • establish and put into operation a network of trained volunteers to collect help

The value of project amounts to 446,240.26 HRK of which 100% funded by the European Commission.

The project will last 14 months, in the period from 29 December 2014 until 28 February 2016.

The project leader is the Red Cross Koprivnica, while the City of Koprivnica is a partner in charge of support when activating the social supermarket.


at the Mayor's office and with
the Head of Departments


Zrinski trg 1, 48000 Koprivnica
+385 48 279 555

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