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Quality of life

Assistance for child equipment

Parents, guardians, or adoptive parents can claim assistance in the amount of EUR 300. This can be realized through the e-Novorođenče (e-Newborn) national application.

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One-time financial and non-financial donations to individuals

The Regulation on the Approval of One-Time Financial and Non-Financial Donations to Individuals establishes the conditions and criteria for the right to one-time financial and non-financial donations to individuals. Donations can be granted to individuals for carrying out activities or performing tasks of direct or indirect social significance for the City of Koprivnica. The donation is intended for the implementation of activities, projects, and programs in the following areas: science, arts and culture, acquisition and improvement of knowledge and skills, sports, humanitarian action, preservation of tradition and customs.


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Monetary gift for children, persons with disabilities, and retirees

  • Monetary gift for students and their mentors who have achieved notable results in school competitions
  • Christmas monetary gift for children
  • Christmas monetary gift for children of Croatian War of Independence deceased veterans and deceased pyrotechnicians from the area of the city of Koprivnica who are regular students and pupils
  • Christmas monetary gift for persons with disabilities and retirees
  • Easter monetary gift for persons with disabilities and retirees


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Rail transport for students

The transportation cost in railway traffic is co-financed for regular students residing in the area of the City of Koprivnica in the amount of 30% of the cost of a monthly subscription train ticket.

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Co-financing of transportation costs for persons with disabilities

Citizens residing in the area of the City of Koprivnica are provided with co-financing of transportation costs with adapted vehicles within the area of the City of Koprivnica for the purpose of carrying out necessary activities if they have established the status of a person with a disability with a degree of 80% or more physical impairment or are temporarily impaired in mobility due to compromised health, and they live alone or in a household with a person who is unable to provide transportation for them.

The transportation service is subsidized for the purpose of treatment, rehabilitation, and meeting other needs contributing to the social integration of persons with disabilities.

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